We cannot change ourselves, by ourselves.

These film discussion guides are to lead your community in translating Godspeed together. Seven Weeks @ Godspeed calls us to follow Jesus here and now, within this culture, people and place. With expanded interviews and additional footage, your community can hear how Eugene Peterson finally began to find his "parish" in suburban America, why N. T. Wright first has a melt-down on vacation, and the wisdom of Father Giles on stability. 


The full 7-part study guide and video series is coming soon for 2017.
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By the end of the Seven Weeks @ Godspeed, your community will have looked at Scripture and yourselves more closely. You will have asked questions like - what is a parish? where is my parish? what technology am I using that is diminishing me? where is my mission? who is already set in my path? how is Christ being present to me (or am I too busy to notice)? to whom can I be present?