Godspeed: An Eight-week Video & Study Guide

Godspeed: An Eight-week Video & Study Guide

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Journey with your small group through new content and new footage:

Session 1 GODSPEED - Watch in Community
Session 2  Place: Where are you? 
Session 3  PresenceHere I am!
Session 4  PaceGod's Speed
Session 5  IdentityLoved by God
Session 6  StabilityBeing Here
Session 7  NamesFace to Face
Session 8  MissionUnearthing Holiness

Your purchase includes the book Godspeed: An Eight-Week Video & Study Guide, as well as access to stream the study videos online.* Each session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours and begins with an introductory 10-minute video, followed by directed conversation, Scripture meditation, and real life application. Each member of your small group will need a personal copy of the study guide, which includes space for personal reflection, meditative activities, prayer, and instructions for facilitators. Watch a preview of the Study Videos Here.

 *Information on how to access the videos is printed in the front of each study guide.

DVDs are also available for purchase here.

Feel free to contact connect@livegodspeed.org with any questions.

$18 each (discount available on bulk orders)

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